Site Changelog

30 May 2023

  • Added filter to remove drafts when getting documents
  • Improved layout of 'most recent' section of articles
  • Created a (content) route for future layout changes

29 May 2023

  • Created front-page component to show a few recent blog posts
  • Created blog landing page placeholder
  • Created dynamic [slug] route for individual blog pages
  • Finished tweaking two-column layout with recent posts and work highlights (work highlights are on a to-do list to improve)

24 May 2023

  • Spent the weekend digging into the Cloudflare Pages changes that were just released.
  • Integrated @cloudflare/next-on-pages to keep in line with docs and versions. Got wrangler working for local testing.
  • Rebuilt a styling from the ground-up to use similar approach as before, but with cleaner code. Broke out components way differently.
  • Experimenting with new way to keep tailwind styles in global.css for core tags (h1, h2, etc...) while still keeping flexibility to override locally.
  • And, last but not least, refactored sanity client so that instead of having groq all over the components, it's centralized into one file for easier re-use. (the hitch? need to rethink some of my sanity schema approaches. lots of cycles here where you tweak one thing in the client, then realize it could be easier in the CMS, etc.)

19 May 2023

  • Ye gads! Sanity is running.
  • Home page has been restructured to use some 'global' config/content from Sanity to make it easier to update quickly.
  • Showing the entire first blog post on the home page as proof-of-concept. Need to create pages for article lists, keyword lists, and article detail pages next.
  • fiddled with TailwindCSS Typography a little, looking at how to add utility classes on a per-tag basis rather than customizing the theme (see anchor tags in the blog item on home page)
  • lots of little layout and typography tweaks to ensure things look reasonable across viewports AND dark/light themes. blah

16 May 2023

  • Created and added a new blue "B" favicon
  • Changed project readme to be a changelog

14 May 2023

  • rebooted site as a generic NextJS app
  • used Tailwind CSS template as basis for new site
  • hardcoded new layout for a header, a blog roll, and career component
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