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Matt Bakaitis:
Web Veteran & Tech Manager

I've been navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the internet for over 35 years.

This website is my platform to share my experiences and insights, offering a valuable resource for anyone venturing into the exciting world of web development and content management.

Professional Experience

As a seasoned technical manager with a passion for content, I've honed my skills in managing developer teams, contributing to compelling content marketing strategies, and wielding the power of code (JS, HTML, CSS, and Node are all in my arsenal).

I love working at the intersection of marketing and technology. My strengths and experience are on the tech side of things. But, from my MBA in marketing to a history of working directly with marketing experts, none of the tech or teams I managed worked in a vacuum.

I am very aware that everything at tech team does winds up on the screen of a site visitor, customer, or patient (depending on the organization).

As such, I've stay current with the marketing tech that is used by most digital marketing teams: Google Analytics, Tag Manager, SEMRush, SEO and technical SEO trends, and more.

Why You Should Reach Out

Whether you're seeking guidance on building a dynamic website, crafting a winning content strategy, or simply want to connect with a fellow web enthusiast, I'd love to hear from you!

I'm always interested in :

  • Discussing your web development or content marketing.
  • Talking about industry trends.
  • Collaborating on new open source projects.

Contact: blog@bakaitis.com